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Championing the environment is a key pillar of Sutton’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions, measuring the impact, supporting environmental charities and wider community initiatives, and advocating for industry change through our network. As a global business, we have set clear and measurable targets to drive change.

These include:

  • supporting the Gallery Climate Coalition, following their guidance and participating in their initiatives;
  • reducing our emissions from air travel by 25% by 2025, and by 50% by 2030​ compared to our 2019 baseline;
  • regularly calculating the carbon footprint of our operations to track progress towards this target;
  • driving change through our CSR committee, with representatives from different parts of the organisation, that regularly meet to track progress on all of our targets and actions;
  • regularly reviewing our staff travel policies and practices, and planning our attendance at international events well in advance to reduce the need for air travel;
  • making Strategic Climate Donations for every flight taken since 2019 to support effective decarbonisation projects and frontline initiatives that protect the environment and fight global injustices.

Sutton has been a member of Gallery Climate Coalition since 2021, and achieved Active Member status when it was introduced in 2022. This status recognises that our organisation has implemented best practices in line with GCC guidance and reflects our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. We acknowledge that there is still a great deal to do, and we look forward to working together with the GCC to help reduce our sector’s environmental impact.

Please visit the Gallery Climate Coalition website to learn more about their campaigns and initiatives and, for more information on Sutton’s sustainability policies, get in touch.