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As of April 2021 Sutton has updated its Sustainability Plan to clearly outline our commitment to sustainability. Our steps focus on cutting our carbon emissions, and compensating for our remaining footprint through strategic climate donations. We add to this a public commitment to advocating for more climate-conscious practices when engaging with our clients and Team. We are also making a financial commitment in support of wider community initiatives, and are proud to be making a significant commitment to reducing our emissions from air travel by 25% by 2025. Our ambition is to further reduce this by 50% by 2030 in line with the Paris agreement and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

To achieve these commitments, Sutton has pledged our support to these important initiatives – Art to Acres, Galleries Commit and Gallery Climate Coalition.

Galleries Commit is a worker-led collective committed to a climate-conscious, equitable, and resilient future for New York City galleries. Galleries Commit has partnered with Art to Acres to permanently conserve 200,000 acres of ecologically vital and vulnerable old-growth forest in Peru, marking the first collective large-scale land conservation project within the visual arts sector.

Galleries Commit Logo

Gallery Climate Coalition is a charity founded by a voluntary group of London-based gallerists and professionals working in the commercial arts sector as an attempt to develop a meaningful and industry-specific response to the growing climate crisis.

Together with Gallery Climate Coalition, we have conducted our first carbon audit, calculating the sources of Sutton’s carbon emissions for 2019, represented here in the following infographic:

GCC Audit Infographic

For more detailed information about Sutton’s approach to sustainability, please get in touch via email.


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