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Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

As cultural strategists, our vision is to be innovators in the art and cultural space, inspiring connections and building communities that everyone we work with is proud to be part of.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity are central to this ambition, and to our ability to effectively carry out our mission to champion arts and culture and their vital life-enhancing role.

We acknowledge that considerable change must urgently happen in our sector and we recognise the need for us to change. We’ve committed to putting inclusivity at the heart of our business, to building a more diverse team; to cultivating an inclusive work environment; and to helping to promote diversity and inclusivity throughout our network.

Arts and cultural strategy will meaningfully inform our shared future, if it succeeds at being truly inclusive and diverse. Together with our team and clients we are working to take these important steps.

At Sutton, our team help us to select the charities we support and we want to actively encourage change by donating to platforms that build opportunities, and promote diversity, particularly in the cultural world.

Asia Society
Asia Society navigates shared futures for Asia and the world across policy, arts and culture, education, sustainability, business, and technology. The organization provides a platform for dialogue and encourages a diversity of views to foster insight, encourage engagement, elevate regional voices, and inform and educate new audiences.


UK-based Culture& works in partnership with arts and heritage institutions and artists to develop programmes that promote diversity in the workforce and expand audiences. The New Museum School Advanced programme, launching Autumn 2021, will provide postgraduate pathways in museum studies and contemporary art, along with a parallel professional development and mentoring programme. Students will be sponsored by world class arts and heritage institutions in return for a Project in Practice research assignment that aims to drive forward diversity and decolonisation.

Culture&’s public programme is moving in a new artistic direction, working with contemporary artists, curators and collections in new and dynamic projects, engaging new voices and venues, tackling diversity through the arts with ground-breaking projects and collaborations.

For more information about our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity, please get in touch via email.

The above text was provided by the individual charities. 


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