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Sutton helps to create meaningful strategies that connect the arts to wider audiences.

We are expert at storytelling across multi-platforms; we unlock each project’s narrative to connect with specific audiences across the broader arts community.

Our international teams of cultural strategists allow us to offer consistency across all projects, inspiring clients for the long term.

Cultural Strategy

Content Strategy & Media Relations

Digital Advisory

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Cultural Strategy

Cultural strategy forms the foundation of all we do at Sutton. When combined with partnerships and collaborations, these are powerful methods to amplify activities, position brands and engage new audiences.

Sutton helps build strategic relationships, art programmes, commissioning initiatives and world-class institutional partnerships to ensure differentiation and credibility in an integrated and sustainable manner.​

Services: Cultural Strategy, Partnerships, Collaborations, Sponsorship & Network Development

Content Strategy & Media Relations

Our joined-up content strategies unlock each project’s storytelling potential to connect with relevant and engaged audiences, both digitally and physically. By creative application of digital campaigns, combined with incisive editorial content creation, we build brand awareness and engaged audiences around shared values.

Media relations opportunities in a constantly evolving media landscape are optimised by our deep knowledge of the artworld to clarify and differentiate clients’ programming, ensuring key messages resonate with relevant audiences.

Services: Content Creation, Digital Content Strategies & Film, Media Campaigns, Reputation Management & Events Programming

Digital Advisory

We are expert at creating digital solutions in a fast-changing field. By leveraging digital storytelling frameworks across online content strategies and social media, Sutton creates relationships with engaged audiences, in ways that resonate in the worlds of art, design and luxury.

With newly embedded digital habits, organisations need to transform into content creation and even broadcast, as the arts landscape of the future takes on new forms. We are experienced in offering end to end content creation strategy, production, distribution and analytics. From launching on new digital platforms in Asia, to applying the latest innovations in digital storytelling, our team can work on multiple scales.

Services: Digital Content Strategy, Online Campaigns & Editorial, Social Media Strategy & Management, Broadcast & Podcasts, Weibo & WeChat Expertise, Advertising Campaigns, Web Development, Film, Digital Analytics, Audience Intelligence & Insight

Marketing & Brand Strategy

We optimise marketing and brand strategy, to deliver a strong message through a joined-up cultural communications plan.

Sutton offers cultural strategy that integrates creative content and audience development with digital narrative and media relations. Services include competitor and perception audits, brand positioning, influencer network building, sponsorship and partnership development, building long-lasting relationships.

Working with the widest range of respected companies and organisations from global corporates, luxury brands and those in the hospitality industry we have the experience and knowledge to unlock and inspire connections, raise the profiles of the clients we work with and successfully reach their target audiences.

Services: Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Audits & Workshops, Partnerships & Sponsorship Strategy, Audience Engagement

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